Gameplay Journal Entry #10

The first idea I have for making a value-based game would be based upon social and political aspects of two power leading characters in our society and how they would govern the world as a whole. The overall concept of the game would be to have different scenarios with different outcomes based upon the two respective candidates running for president and whoever has the most reasonable argument to the topic will have better success rate of winning the race for being President. It’s mostly similar to a simulator in its own way. Furthermore, I think the mechanics should be based on how the player responds to questions asked about the specific topic and how they respond to their opponent and their arguments. Last, I want to have the player feel like if they were to run for President, how would they respond, what would they do if they win the race, and what type of role should they play in inspiring and giving the people hope.

The second idea I had in mind making into a value-based game was an adventure-telling like game where player will be in random location and navigate their way to the end to either end their journey or play again and try a different location with different obstacles. It’ll be similar to the Henry Stickmen game series. Last, my third idea I had in mind would be a first person shooter experience as they battle bosses in order to stop them from launching their deadly plan upon the world, which is similar to Time Crisis 2 that I loved to play back in the day. These two mechanics will be based on its gameplay, which is most important, characters and environment stages, and story. These are the three ideas I have brainstormed to work on for the final game project.



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